Friday, 11 April 2014

7 When Crafting Makes Way For DIY

March came & went without much crafting being done, there was rather a lot of DIY though. My kitchen was getting me down, the lovely silver vinyl floor over time had moved, was stained, damaged and seriously needed replacing. It felt cramped & worn out, I didnt want to spend time in there at all. So I set myself the mission to do it up.


So with funny masks & a couple of cool tools I got working on tiling, reflooring, painting and more to create something I am very happy and comfortable in...

A few of my favourite features of the kitchen....
 A giant, magnetic blackboard. I have printed onto magnetic sheets that I cut up the days of the week, the name of each room in the house & the kids names. This way I can put any important activities next to the day of the week, any jobs needing to be done under the name of the room, & the kids jobs under their name.
A toothbrush holder is fab to hold magnetic labels that arent in use along with the chalks/chalk pens.
Laundry baskets with sticky-back magnetic sheets make perfect, cheap storage tubs.

My spice rack, it fills the entire cupboard door, so much better than me storing them in groups, I can easily see which jar I want.

4 new cupboards (2 at the top, & another double & a single cupboard at the bottom)& 3 shelving units give lots of lovely new storage. 2 laundry baskets used for washing, & my ironing pile. The 2 smaller ones I use for odd socks & sorting socks. You can just about see 2 truggs on the left of the cupboards, attached to hooks that hold our hot water bottles (thats what tiggers head is part of) & plastic bags.

From this photo you'd never guess I hate clutter on kitchen work surfaces. So happy now this has all gone into cupboard, & the microwave onto a shelf.

There are so many other details I could list here that I love, the matching washing up bowl & soap dispenser, the whole wall behind the oven tiled, the blackboard signs for me to put positive messages on.

& my amaryllis is also happy in its home :) You probably wouldnt have noticed it in my original photos as its a little brown, hibernating stump, what a difference a month makes.

Monday, 31 March 2014

9 Scrapbooking: Wreath making

Where did March go? Its been such a busy month for me that it seems we have passed through it in a blink of an eye.

I have managed to do a small amount of scrapbooking though, one of which I followed a sketch from Scrapology & joined in the challenge to "use your stash". I certainly used up quite a bit of scrap paper & thoroughly enjoyed using gilding flakes on it....
I used the sketch for the right side of this double layout, and created the left side to add more photos.
When I saw the challenge I knew it would lend itself perfectly to a wreath shape, especially with a bow at the bottom!

Monday, 17 March 2014

2 #100happydays - Day 9, 10 & 11

Still taking photos every day but have been rather busy so here's a lil catch up :)

Cuddles with the cats - This is Banshee who frequently drives me crazy with her clinginess, this time she was being very cute though. She had climbed into the wide neck of my jumper, which I was wearing pulled over my knees, she then placed her head & front paws on my knees out of the jumper to snooze.

Sorry, yes, this particular brand of coke, especially with caffeine in is a lovely, happy treat. I am a total addict, cant have it in the house without drinking loads of it so I rarely have it now.

My hero :) Generally I am a very independent person when it comes to jobs around the house, that includes decorating, tiling, shelves etc, but every now & then I come across a job that needs 4 hands (3 handed jobs I can normally cope with ;) which is where Ryan, my hero, comes in very handy. This was one such day.

Friday, 14 March 2014

4 100happydays - day 8

A lovely soak in the bath (which there wont be a photo of!) after getting absolutely filthy cutting kitchen tiles. Loving playing with the electric tile cutter, and getting my kitchen looking nice. A great sense of achievement.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

3 #100happydays - day 7

Kai's graduation - proud mummy moment as Kai not only got his bronze certificate from the Childrens University, but also his Silver for attending over 60 hours of official extra curricular activities, these are such things as after school clubs & violin lessons. All those receiving certificates got to wear gowns & throw their hats in the air at the end .... so cute!
As a reward Kai was bought the Hungry Hippos game, which led to some fun family games.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

0 #100happydays - day 6

Teaching my kids to play with their food :D

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

1 #100happydays - day 5

Good chatter, good food, lunch outdoors in the sunshine,a text from the other half whose working hard doing a job for me, 2 soppy daft dogs to fuss & play ball with, all while crafting with friends - lots of things to make me happy today :)


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